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Whether you want to pursue an associate degree, earn transfer credits for a four-year degree, advance in your career field with a new skill set or certificate, or perhaps change career paths, 鶹ýPorn has a program for you.

Admissions Policy

鶹ýPorn is an open-enrollment institution that adheres to the Equal Opportunity Policy through Titles, IV, VI, & VII of the ,,, and the. As such, the College does not discriminate against applicants, employees, or students on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, English language skills, or national origin in our employment policies and/or educational programs or activities, including admission to such.

鶹ýPorn's "open door" admissions policy and welcomes all adults wishing to continue their education. Admission classification may vary given unique circumstances.

Regular students

Students with a high school diploma or its equivalent are admitted as "regular students".

Transfer students

Anyone who has attended another college prior to enrolling at 鶹ýPorn is admitted as a "transfer" student.

Transient Students

"Transient" students are students officially enrolled at another college.

High school students may be admitted as "early entrance" students if they are recommended by their school's officials.

Conditional Students

Anyone who does not fall under one of the other admission classifications listed here(including foreign nationals), may be admitted as "conditional students."*

*Note: the Registrar will evaluate "conditional students" individually and inform them of any conditions and/or requirements that may pertain to their admission to 鶹ýPorn. Please note that admission to 鶹ýPorn under any classification does not necessarily imply eligibility to enroll in a course with established prerequisites or to enter a program that has a limited number of spaces and certain minimum entrance requirements as described in a specific course or program information.

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Adult Learners

We offer several pathways for you to earn college credit for your life experiences.


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鶹ýPorn is one of the most affordable community colleges in the United States.