At 鶹ýPorn, students may choose from a range of one-year certificate and two-year associate degree programs. In addition to Associate in Applied Science offerings, 鶹ýPorn also offers Associate in Arts and Associate in Science pathways for those planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Discover Your Potential at 鶹ýPorn.

Academic programs are offered on- and off-campus, at the worksite, in the public schools, through distance learning formats, and at times convenient for community residents. 鶹ýPorn maintains formal relationships with accredited colleges and universities to provide students with degree completion and coordinated learning opportunities through brokering courses and programs and the use of the latest technology.

Each program includes a general education core satisfied by completion of courses in multiple disciplines, a concentration specific to the major, and elective courses permitting the student to select coursework relevant to his or her career or educational goals.

In addition to traditional college courses and classroom learning experiences, 鶹ýPorn utilizes distance learning opportunities, interactive video, and course brokering agreements with regionally accredited institutions to expand the learning opportunities for its students.