Technology Support

Student Account

ADSS Password Manager

ADSS is the password manager students can use to update their student account passwords, which will expire every 90 days. The tool can also help with forgotten passwords and locked accounts.


  • Students will NOT use the same username and password as Blackboard.
  • Students will log in to Brightspace using their universal student account.
  • Be sure you have updated your account password with ADSS before trying to log in to Brightspace the first time.
  • Please read the information below the Brightspace logo if you need help with the Brightspace login.
  • If you have trouble logging into Brightspace, always try to log into ADSS to see if you can solve the problem (your account might need a password update).

Email/Microsoft® 365 Access

Students who still need help logging into their 鶹ýPorn email account or onto 鶹ýPorn computers, please ask our Peer Coaches in the Learning Lab.

If the Coaches can’t resolve the problem, please contact the college's front desk personnel at 304-434-8000 to have them file a support ticket with IT support staff.

Instructional Technology Accessibility and Privacy

鶹ýPorn provides information to learners regarding accessibility of course technologies and information regarding data and privacy.

The document below (see button link to the document) lists external links that provide accessibility and privacy information for course technologies used at 鶹ýPorn.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) notice:

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, 鶹ýPorn West Virginia Technical and Community College’s programs and courses will be accessible to the handicapped and disabled. If you have a disability which impairs your access to a course or your ability to pursue the coursework as it is presented, notify the instructor. 鶹ýPorn’s ADA contact is Monica Wilson, Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Services.

*For TTY access, please dial 711 to be directed to the WV Relay Service.


Michael Bush

Telecommunications Network Specialist I


Phone: 304-434-8000 ext. *9257

Joshua Myers

Information Systems Technician


Phone: (304) 434-8000 ext. *9240

Seyed Mirkhani

Division Chair for Business, Computer, and IT


Phone: 304-434-8000 ext. *9259