Ag Workforce Student Success: ZoeAnn Bender


ZoeAnn Bender

Workforce training program(s) completed at 鶹ýPorn:

ZoeAnn Bender completed the Livestock Management Systems Certificate in 2022. She is currently working at Alliance Consulting.

Are you still taking training programs? If so, where and what training are you working toward?

I am planning to! I am looking to work toward vet tech and eventually receive my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Current Employer/Job (if applicable):

Alliance Consulting

What is something you learned (knowledge, training, skills) during 鶹ýPorn’s Workforce training program that you utilize in your workplace and/or current training?

I am often on private properties with cattle that approach me when I am water sampling. The low-stress handling techniques to move the livestock away from fences where I enter and exit have been really helpful.

Did trainers/instructors/staff at 鶹ýPorn contribute to your career success? How did they help you?

Yes, they were very helpful with questions/concerns, and very encouraging.

What advice would you give to current Workforce students at 鶹ýPorn who are looking to follow a similar path to a job?

Have patience. It all takes time with anything you want to succeed and to learn what you really want to make a career of. If you enjoy your work, it won’t feel like work!

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